Have as many numbers as you please

Install a mobile or landline number on your smartphone in less than a minute.

Transfer your SIM card phone number into onoff

Using virtual portability, onoff is the only telecom operator in the world that gives you the option to port your number onto the cloud. This means you can access your from the onoff App from any smartphone or even from the web.

Coming soon!

Receive calls from your numbers without internet connection

onoff is the only application in the world that allows you to receive calls from all of your numbers directly on your SIM card without even being connected to the internet. This patented technology gives you the comfort of answering your calls in the exact same way you would normally.

Multiple phone numbers on one device

Locate all of your phone lines on a single app! Whether it's your business, personal or temporary phone number you can now manage them all on the one device.

Enjoy voicemail between onoff users

Send and receive high-quality voice notes between your onoff contacts using VoIP.

Voicemail greetings exclusive to each number

Get a default voicemail greeting for each of your numbers in the language of your choice, or simply turn them off in case you don't want to receive any voicemail.

Coming soon!

MMS with all your numbers

Send and receive audio files, pictures, videos, contact details and a whole lot more via MMS.

More than 100 international packages to choose from

With so many internation packages available in app, onoff gives you the opportunity to communicate where you want in the world at affordable prices.

Get yourself a tailor-made plan

Each package in the app has been constructed to best fit your needs. Choose the length of your plan to get an extra discount so you can get the most suitable price for you.

Message other onoff users for free

Send and receive texts, photos, videos, voice notes and much more with your onoff contacts. Messaging is totally free between onoff users!

Find new people on the onoff network

Search for other onoff users and add them so you can communicate with them from any number of your choice.

Save your contacts on the number you want

Create as many numbers as you want and save your contacts on the one you prefer in order to take full control of all your lines.

Choose the number plan that fits you

Choose between three levels of subscription depending on your usage: small, medium and large. Calling has never been so cheap!

Get a foreign number and communicate at a local rate

By purchasing a number from one of the 33 countries available in the app you can make and receive calls at a local rate for both you and your correspondent.

Record your own greetings for your numbers

Make a personalized voicemail greeting for each of your numbers.

Hide and protect your numbers with a passcode

For ultimate privacy, hide your number and all of its associated content within the app and protect it with a passcode. You can have one passcode for all of your hidden numbers or a single passcode per number. The choice is yours.

Send delayed SMS

With onoff you have the option of choosing the precise date and time you would like to send an SMS, so no time is wasted!

Organize your life by phone line

Sort all of your communication groups by phone number so that you can keep everything in order with absolute ease.

Use credits to Pay as you Go

With onoff credits, enjoy maximum flexibility with your number to call and text abroad without having to subscribe to any particular plan.

Check the exact rate you are calling at

Control your spending using our precise pricing tool, taking into account where you are calling from and to.

Enjoy voicemail between onoff users

Send and receive high-quality voice notes between your onoff contacts using VoIP.

Make video calls for free with your friends

With our app you can make video calls with any of your onoff contacts with absolute ease.

Choose which of your profiles you want to share with others

Share different numbers depending on who you are connecting with, so you can manage all different aspects of your life in comfort and ease.

Exchange pictures and videos with your contacts

Send and receive pictures and videos with your contacts from the number you want.